Presented at TEDxSydney on Wednesday 25 May, 2016.

Very glad that my TED talk was so well received! Thanks so much to the audience for being so enthusiastic and lively, it was a very enjoyable experience :-)

Among the numerous questions that I got after the talk, there was a lot of inquiries as to whether I advise regulators and companies, using the insights from my research.

The answer is yes and you can contact me directly at for any inquiries.

  • Alfie Arcidiacono

    PS: I was there to see your talk, and I am very interested in this subject from a behavioral and neuroscience point of view, and without doubt one of the most interesting, engaging and thoughtful presentations with great energy, passion and humor! Well done and thank you. I have just got onto your sight, and will endeavour to read some of your published papers. Alfie Arcidiacono