Neuroscience Fundamentals course at UNSW

The Neuroscience Fundamentals course at UNSW seems to be a very good course for any finance student willing to explore Neurofinance as a research area. I would encourage all students to look at this opportunity to build an intro background in neuroscience, as the intersection of neuroscience and finance is a very promising field.

If you‘re thinking of exploring this area, I‘ll be glad to see you to discuss this: please email me to get an appointment. Below is the abstract of the course:

This course is a cross-Faculty offering that will address six big questions in modern neuroscience. A new question will be explored each fortnight in lectures, a laboratory class and tutorial. The focus of the course is on the range of disciplines that contribute to the field of neuroscience, and each fortnight’s topic will be taught by academics from two or more disciplines using an integrated approach. Students will develop an insight into how problems in neuroscience are investigated and an appreciation of some current issues. The course is a compulsory part of the Neuroscience study plan in Advanced Science (NEURA13972) but is open to other students. Although there are no fixed pre-requisites, students are advised that the following courses will provide a useful background: ANAT2511 BIOC2101 PHPH2101 PSYC2081.